We pride ourselves on providing more than just acting lessons for kids, teens, and young adults. We offer an immersive teen and child acting program in LA that familiarizes kids and their parents with the film and TV industry. Our founder, Adrian, has written up some important tips for students to remember during their acting training. Check it out below!


It is suggested that you take notes at all times during each program. This will familiarize you with the terms and concepts I will use during the young actors program. Give yourself plenty of time outside of program to review your notes, apply my techniques, and rehearse your program work. Never get behind! Keep a positive attitude and, when in doubt, smile like Esteban…

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Confidence in acting and developing a young actor’s gift.
  2. Well trained in auditioning.
  3. Understanding how to market yourself.
  4. Building a young star within: mentally, physically, personally, socially and professionally.

Personal Statement To Parents

I want to provide young actors with the opportunity to learn from professionals that are currently on TV, in theatre, or in Films. The celebrities you will be working with understand what it takes to be successful in this business and we want to share our knowledge and experience with young actors in our acting class for kids and teens … so they, too, can be successful.


  1. Introduce the program and discuss what’s required of each student.
  2. Students will discuss why they want to be an actor and their expectations.
  3. General overview of the workshop.

Character Breakdown

  1. Discuss Character wants and purposes.
  2. A detailed description of acting in television, film theatre and commercials.

Cold Reading & Commercial Auditions

  1. Discuss the importance of cold reading.
  2. Practice cold reading technique using commercial sides.
  3. Cold readings are extremely important for commercial auditions.

Audition Techniques

  1. Discuss different types of audition techniques.
  2. Students will practice their audition technique and receive feedback.
  3. CHIP – I will breakdown each audition from the time they enter and the time they leave. (Were they prepared? Did they control the room? etc…)

Auditions With Sides

  1. I will teach the importance of utilizing the sides in an audition. How to use the sides without making it a distraction.
  2. Each student will learn 3 different ways to audition with sides. (Life changing program).
  3. Assign audition scenes.
  4. Students will apply audition techniques in an actual on-camera audition.

Marketing Yourself In Acting

This section is specifically dedicated to teaching young actors and parents an understanding of marketing themselves in acting. Marketing is often overlooked but this program will prepare each student to sell the product…Themselves. This is perhaps one of the most important sections of our teen and kid acting classes in Hollywood.

Parent Day

We provide the opportunity to participate in an open forum / Q&A for students and parents following their children’s acting classes.


Improv is used extensively at the workshop. Many types of improv will be used on a daily basis. Everything from “warm-ups” to intensive improv techniques that improve overall acting skills. CGTV has personally developed multiple teen and kids improv classes and exercises designed to rapidly improve an actors ”chops” for the demanding and competitive world of theatre, film, and television. This is also one of the best ways for young talent to build confidence in their abilities gained during our acting and drama classes for kids and teens.

* Please note that the order and content of each workshop is subject to change based on student’s abilities and strengths. We take great care to make sure that each program offers the most personalized training possible.