1. Lynn

    Hi CGTV, I wanted to let you know how proud we are of Jaclyn.  Since she attended CGTV in February of 2011 in Providence, she was picked up by an agency in Boston and has gone on many auditions.  She was chosen for and extra part in the movie Moonrise Kingdom (she was a Tang Kid and a Refugee Kid) and her most recent was the attached link to a commercial for Ideapaint. When she heard your comme…Read More

  2. Jai Saint, Chrome Talent Management

    CGTV is the only place Chrome Talent Looks for our kids and teen talents.  I have gone to 5 of your workshops now, and each time I go I try to gather as many of the talents I can! The reason being, is your talents and their parents are ready to work. They are well versed in the knowledge of how to book jobs.  They are always prepared with their monologues, polite, and very considerate. Since Chr…Read More

    Jai Saint
  3. Kristin Fines

    I first want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH R’MANTE AND THE CGTV TEAM! My name is Kristin and I was a performer in the CGTV at Orlando in the year 2010 and then recently was invited/joined the 2011 summer CGTV in Los Angeles, California. The CGTV Workshop has helped me in so many ways I have no idea where to begin! Well I first heard about this workshop through the radio and I honestly thought this …Read More

    Kristin Fines
  4. Vanessa Cuomo

    Dear CGTV, When my daughter heard the ad on the radio my immediate reaction was to roll my eyes. Being the cynical New Yorker that I am I was sure it was a scam. But my daughter is a determined actress and we had nothing to do so we made the appointment and went. The first thing that struck me was there was no sales pitch. Why aren’t the trying to sell me on their program the way the John Robert…Read More

    Vanessa Cuomo
  5. Trish DeRouen

    Hey CGTV! Hope you’ve recovered from workshop!!! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Myles. He learned so much and, as I said before, if was so fun to watch him transform during the time he was in LA. Please thank CGTV and Virgil for me as well. They were so great the three weeks we were there. Now an update – This past weekend we went to New Orleans for a …Read More

    Trish DeRouen
  6. Billy, Talent Manager

    Hi CGTV, I appreciate all the hard work you put into these kids’ careers and the help that you offered (especially today) to give them that extra shot. Please feel free to post the following quote on any site or advertising. CGTV R’Mante has proven again and again that he has an incredible eye for spotting talented youth and strengthening their abilities. so they can successfully compete again…Read More

    Billy, Talent Manager
  7. Brittney Grabill

    Life is so unbelievable good right now! I’ve attached a movie poster that just got released. This was the movie I filmed all last summer and it was my first lead in a feature film. It’s premiering soon, and I’ve had a number of other roles in shorts and features, I’m rockin auditions over here, man!!!!! Brittney Grabill…Read More

    Brittney Grabill
  8. Jackson Young & Kimberly Church

    Thank you for this opportunity to let me meet and learn from celebrities and make lots of new friends. It was really fun and exciting to work with you and your wife is nice too. I was surprised that I got so many callbacks and already, I have received contact from a few of them since getting back home in Dallas. Thank you for believing in me. I think you were right when you wrote that lives would …Read More

    Jackson Young & Kimberly Church
  9. Priscilla McCarrell

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time, if you don’t mind. I know that my family is only one opinion, but we find it important to let you know how we feel. Since the first day we met you at the Houston CGTV program, we were comfortable with you and your staff. Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think that OUR BABY would make it to where she is today. You layed everything out straight for…Read More

    Priscilla McCarrell
  10. Raveena Chandra

    Hello my fellow teacher, Raveena here I just wanted to let you know, thank you soo much for the opportunity you have brought here in McAllen, TX. Living down here from CA was hard, and thought I had no hope left, I always got held back on these kinds of things but now I believe I have hope. ”Waiting for Superman” is no longer a waiting game anymore. You have brought your talent, on your own te…Read More

    Raveena Chandra