1. Natalie Ramos

    Natalie Ramos Hi Adrian, this is Natalie Ramos from Naples, Florida. I just wanted to send you quick email so say that I’m thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. Without you, I wouldn’t have met my amazing agent, Karen Greer❤️ I’ve been working hard with my acting and singing coaches! Im on casting network and actors access. Big news!! This Friday I’m getting a chance to au…Read More

    Natalie Ramos
  2. Oscar Ceja

    We love all of our graduates at CGTV and this one is no exception, no one works harder at crafting his art than Oscar Ceja. During his time at CGTV, he took his training very seriously and truly shined when we presented his talents to many industry agents and managers at his live showcase at ACME theater. We can go on about the 1,000+ success stories that CGTV has helped develop, but we prefer you…Read More

    Oscar Ceja
  3. With great enthusiasm I would recommend the CGTV

    With great enthusiasm I would recommend the CGTV to young actors who want to grow and develop within the industry. CGTV has opened doors to my acting career and has helped develop my skills as an actor. I started CGTV in January 2017. During this time, I was given opportunities to link up with agents and audition for a major role in a TV series. Recently I have completed and starred in a national …Read More

    Jake Martin
  4. Emily and I wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN!

    Emily and I wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN! We had such an incredible time in Hawaii! The CGTV Program was amazing – and your actors rock (as always)! The Q & A was a huge success, and several parents approached us after to say thanks! We gave 20 callbacks, so we will definitely keep you posted about those kids. We already started working remotely with Sean Anderson (AZ), Ella Mejia (AZ), Mer…Read More

    Happy Client
  5. With sincere thanks for everything you taught me

    Dear Adrian R’Mante & CGTV, Jay ReidI write this letter with a feeling of gratitude and with sincere thanks for everything you taught me. I just started learning this craft 10 months ago under your tutelage, and in that short time I learned more than I did over the last 2 years. I was scammed out of more than $12,000 pursuing my passion of becoming an actor. I was wary about spending the mon…Read More

    Jay Reid